Thursday, May 6

Let's Talk Solution

It is easy for the state to say there is no money for things and to start closing down services. We have the opportunity with these blogs to not only rant about what is wrong, but also to be the change with ideas.

Let's take one recent occurrence which is a cut in basic services, roadside Rest Stops. Okay there's no money for it right? I say wrong.

My solution:
Let's take those nice little homes at the Rest Stop throw in 6 bunkbeds and a security guard. Run 3 shifts with 2 inmate trustees to clean the facilities. The inmates need guards anyway. The inmates need housing anyway. And the inmates need to be able to acclimate back into society and start paying back society. The inmates will have more freedom. And travelers will have clean rest stops. I say it's a win win situation, but big government hasn't taken the initiative to look for solutions.

Let's take a look at our border problems. We need a wall on the border, and we need new prisons. We need to stop the flood of illegals crossing our border.

My solution:
Let's put new prisons ON THE BORDER. Maybe when the prisoners look out their windows at how bad it is in Mexico, they will think twice about how good they had it in America. You could make long skinny prisons so the walls make up the border fence. And hey if they escape into Mexico, big freakin' deal!! It's time the Mexicans get to have the worst of our society dump on them for awhile. As a matter of fact let's move every prison to the border. Also let's move the National Guard and Reserve base to the border. And hey wouldn't it be brilliant to have the Border Patrol facilities located ON THE BORDER! And the National Guard and Reserves are already getting paid, so why does the governor need the Feds to pay them to guard the border? Just let me do their training exercise ON THE BORDER. What a concept, the military doing real world exercises just like the work they would be doing in Iraq, only instead of pretending to be working they could actually earn their pay by working.

Do you have solutions?
Let's hear them. Just because Barry Soteros is trying to destroy our country is no reason to give up. Let's push back and get mad. Let's show the government that we aren't going to fall for the lame excues.

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