Thursday, May 6

Arizona Ballot Initiative

We need a ballot initiative that will choke off the funds of the Federal Reserve since these bankers are the ones truly running the destruction of our country. I don't know if we have enough TEA Party members to make it happen since an initiative requires 153,365 signatures. And the initiative needs a penalty built into it so there is criminal and civil repercussions. I would word it like this:

"The reporting of income for taxation, and the paying of income taxes shall be illegal. Anyone reporting income for taxation purposes shall be guilty of a class 6 felony, and shall be civilly liable for not less than $10,000 to the person for whom income was reported for taxation purposes."

This initiative would end income tax payments from the state of Arizona, and would attract a bunch of businesses since income tax would be made illegal. This would end the stranglehold of the Fed and be a beginning to the end of unfair taxes in this country. Can it be written better? I'm sure there are plenty of liberals who would try to prevent it from getting passed since they want to preserve the EIC credits and other welfare provisions of the income tax, plus they would fearmonger that the government couldn't operate without income taxes even though 100% of income taxes paid go to the Federal Reserve Banks for paying off interest on America's loans. If every state in the union passed legislation like this then the IRS would have to be dissolved. Right now the Obamacare calls for 16,500 new IRS agents to enforce Obamacare.

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