Thursday, May 6

Finally the POTUS tells the truth

President Obama says the tea party movement is based on those who doubt his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office.

Asked in an interview on the "Today" show about the tea party opposition to his plans in Washington, Obama said, "I think that it is still a loose amalgam of forces. There is a part of the tea party movement that actually did exist before I was elected. We saw some of it leading up to my election.

"There are some folks who just aren't sure I was born in the United States, whether I was a socialist," he said.

"That's segment of it which I think is just dug in ideologically. That strain has existed in American politics for a long time," he said.

He said around that "core" in the tea party is a circle of people "who are concerned about the deficit, who are legitimately concerned that the federal government may be taking on too much."

He said the "emergency measures" he took over the last year to give taxpayer money to banking institutions and automobile companies "fed that sense that things are out of control."

"These are folks who have legitimate concerns," he said.

Thanks Barry Soteros for finally saying ONE true thing! And on those words I WILL stand opposed to it.

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