Wednesday, July 6

July 15th Special Meeting

Here are some of my ponderings on the upcomming meeting:

The Special Meeting violates Art VIII Sec 2 since I got my notice today and the meeting is on the 15th which is 9 days from today.

Where in the by-laws does it state specifically that only elected PC's may vote at this meeting? Art II Sec 4 only applies to an Organizational meeting and Art VI Sec 1a specifies what an Organizational meeting is.

There is nothing in ARS 16-821 that is remotely close to requiring elected PC's to vote at non-Organizational meetings.

Are non-elected members invited for the By-Law Amendment portion of the meeting?

If they force non-elected members from voting to remove Brian, how can we be certain that only elected members are voting?

Will they do a recount to count ONLY the elected PC's to determine if a quorum exists for the new meeting to remove Brian?

The amendment will require that of the PC's who have been elected 30% are needed for a quorum. (We will need to know the number of elected PC's (including those who have resigned since the language doesn't specify that the total only includes current elected PC's - if we had 1,000 elected and only 100 current then a quorum would be impossible according to the language of the amendment)

How will the meeting be conducted? Will Brian officiate since he is the chairman? (practice saying "Point of Order")

Since Robert's Rules of Order specifies that a trial must be held for misconduct when will that trial be held?​or-13.htm#75:6

How much is the Manning House costing the GOP?
How was the funding to rent the facility approved?
Who approved the expenditure of those funds?
Was Brian the chairman who presided over that decision?
What authority does the Executive Committee have for calling the meeting?
Have all the signatures on the petitions been verified? (after all the Democrats will tell you we can't count and won't sign the back of the petitions)

Be sure to dress up on your Robert's Rules of Order beforehand. We will need to fillibuster at least. We will need a motion to appoint a committee made up of people we choose to investigate the executive committee.